Supported Living

Supported living is a support service from within an accommodation that we have provided. Here at Care4You, the people we care for are the core of everything that we do. We tailor our services on a case by case scenario,  so together we formulate a plan on how we can best support them to be as independent as possible, both in their own home and their local community. We take on board all views of families and the professionals, who may be supporting them to ensure we give the best service possible.

Our specialists match our team members to each person, so that we can create trusting and positive relationships. With individually tailored support from people they feel comfortable and secure with, occupants grow quickly in confidence.

Support is available from a couple of hours a week to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide help across a range of areas to enable individuals to lead more enriching and fulfilling lives. This includes:

Taking an Exam
Educational/Career Advice
Female Assistance
Community Gardening
Community Integration
Cleaning Mirror
Personal Care and Chores
Men with Calculator
Financing and Budgeting
Lending a Helping Hand
Soccer Training
People Working in Open Office
24 Hour On Call Help
Leisure and Social Activities
Claiming Benefits